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Yankee Doodle in Berlin

Yankee Doodle in Berlin

1919, Director F. Richard Jones

Accompaniment: Hillel Tokazier

Cross dressing, object smashing, backside kicking, beautiful girls and funny sayings - all this is just colouring for a Max Sennett-style farce, in which an American agent, dressed as a woman, pulls off a dangerous mission inside German headquarters during the first world war. Yankee Doodle in Berlin is not a Grand Romance (1914)-style hyperactive energy bomb, but guaranteed entertainment for friends of slapstick-comedy. The ever wackily expressive Ford Sterling is in his element as the lustful emperor and upcoming comedy director, Malcolm St. Clair, easily fits into the Crown Prince’s shiny boots. Comedy stars of the era are in supporting roles, including James ”Jimmy” Finlayson, who was just starting his career.


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