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The Big Parade

The Big Parade

1925, Director King Vidor

Accompaniment: Original film music

The first notable and realistic American war film was made in the wake of plays about war at the time recently made popular on Broadway. Irving Thalberg, Production Chief gave the Director, King Vidor, a good budget and full support of the studio and recruited a group of documentary film makers and veterans, who had served on the front, as war experts for the film. Vidor, though, wanted to strip the film of all patriotism and glamour and tell a more realistic tale of a soldier who didn’t want to go to war, but wasn’t able to resist enough and fight against the system. The final result was to make an impact on the development of the whole film genre. The film was an enormous success worldwide, and it has been calculated that initial investment was paid back ten times even after the first set of screenings. It was awarded the Photoplay Medal of Honour - a prize preceding the Oscars, the highest possible accolade for an American film, and The Big Parade’s success continued into the age of the talkies.

  • Length: 2 h 31 min
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