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1927, Director William A. Wellman

Accompaniment: Original film music

The first ever winner for Best Film at the Oscar Gala, Spring 1929, ‘Wings’ took the world war into the air, away from battlefields The war adventures of two American youths, who started out hating each other, but ended up as best friends, is still technically brilliant. Realistic flying scenes are magnificently filmed using motorised cameras, and battles involving hundreds of soldiers in the front line are among the best ever shot land war scenes - the Allies’ final mass attack is especially memorable and impressive. Also the celebrations scene in Paris is famous, not least for it’s champagne bubbles and the lengthy footage from tracking above and along restaurant tables. Wellman makes a quick appearance as a dead soldier and Carl von Hartman briefly as a German officer. A grand war film adored by Americans.

  • Length: 2 h 24 min
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